Jon NicholsProfessional, dynamic software engineering

I’ve been building software for 15 years, on teams large and small, working with a wide range of technologies. From desktop software to web applications, embedded systems and mobile, I’ve been able to leverage fundamental software skills and apply them to whatever problem is in front of me. Whether you have an established product or are building something brand new, I’m sure I can help increase your chances of success.

I am based in the San Francisco Bay Area, but am very comfortable working remotely, having done so for much of the past 5 years. I make use of many communications channels and am continually reviewing new tools as they become available. I can even help you develop strategies and processes to enable a more effective distributed workforce.


I’ve spent much of my career building Java software, both on the client and server. I’ve got an excellent understanding of the language, threading, I/O and server frameworks.

I’ve been working with node.js for the past year on a number of small (and not so small) projects.

Completely set up cloud hosting with Amazon Web Services, including the use of EC2, ELB, S3, SQS, SDB, Cloudwatch, and ElastiCache.


Capable of building web applications using the latest HTML5 specifications, responsive for all devices.

Expert level skills in Javascript, having used it to build a large-scale Facebook game, as well as a number of client projects

Experienced with a number of Javascript frameworks including jQuery and Backbone.


Easily and quickly build and deploy WordPress sites.

Developed numerous Facebook platform applications.

Developed iOS and Android applications for mobile and tablet devices.